XinLiLai Investment Castings offers you an unparalleled range of additional value-added services for your casting products. Whether you’re looking for product-strengthening heat-treating services, precision machining services, compositional chemistry testing, or other finishing and testing services, you can always come to XinLiLai, your most reliable partner for the highest quality precision investment casting services.


Investment casting tooling is the first and necessary for a high qualified casting part. Working with industrial leading tooling professionals, we can meet any precision investment casting specification or machining tolerances, no matter how complex or intricate your products can be. Our investment casting tooling can produce products nearly net-shaped, so little machining is needed. We can help you to save time, materials and money.


Heat treatment

Heat Treatment, which is done after investment casting, is normally used to change the chemical and physical properties in order to achieve a better working performance. Common heat treatment ways include: normalization, tempering, quenching, case Hardening, quenching and tempering, etc. Heat treatment is vital for casting components, which are used in harsh or caustic environments where extreme durability is required. Working With our professional heat treatment partner, XinLiLai can provide you the best heat treatment service with a low cost.


After investment casting process, it’s time for your products to get carefully and professionally machined. Instead of sending your casting products out for a secondary machining operation, you can get our one-stop service for precision machining in XinLiLai. All casting components here will be machined and detailed to the exact specifications our customers demand.

XinLiLai offers you many routine CNC machining services for precision investment casting components with our machining shop partners, including

  • Boring

  • Facing

  • Setscrew Holes

  • Pin Holes

  • Keyways

  • Broaching

  • And More!

Whenever you have a purchase plan for machined precision investment castings, you can always call XinLiLai for your reliable solutions.

Surface Treatment

After investment casting, products are usually painted with anti-rust oil before delivery. However, our customers often have special requirements for the casting surface to get a better appearance or to meet special brand requirement, etc. Therefore, some surface treatments are required. Following are some common surface treatments:

  • Color painting

  • Powder coating

  • Zinc plating

  • Pickling and passivation

  • Black oxide

  • Phosphating treatment

We can offer different kinds of surface treatments either in-house or by our partners. Together with our machining and heat treatment capabilities, our surface treatment capabilities enable us become your One-Stop Shop investment casting supplier.

Custom Package Service

Before delivery, all the castings will be packed well in wooden cases. If your have other requirements, we can also customize the package service to meet your demands.