To guarantee the quality of products, it is necessary to do quality control before delivery. XinLiLai Casting is a company certified by ISO 9001 and TS 16949. We can offer you rigorous quality inspection methods and process. Chemical spectral analysis, tensile test, hardness test and NDT test are all available here. We have committed to high quality casting parts and we are confident with our testing procedure.

Visual Inspection

According to the investment casting industry standards and specific requirements of our customers, visual inspection is required to ensure good casting quality. In XinLiLai Casting, we don’t just spot check our products we produce. All the casting components are carefully inspected 100% by our trained quality controllers, so that any casting with surface defects must be picked out immediately, which is the first step to ensure the perfect finished product quality. And every inspection result of our products will be documented and filed. Why Visual inspection is important is that even the smallest defect could lead to severe consequences in the performance of the products.


Dimensional Inspection

Even if all the products pass visual inspection and looks perfect, it doesn’t mean we can pack them and send to our customers. Dimensional inspection is another test to they need to pass. Investment casting process can help to obtain precise dimensions for the products. However, we still a double check. In this case, dimensional inspection is necessary. Below are the common dimensional inspection methods mostly used in our foundry.

1) Measuring tools are a direct and simple way to test the dimensions and tolerances by hand. Common measuring tools for investment castings include: vernier caliper, depth indicator, dial indicator, etc. To make sure all the products are qualified dimensionally, they will be measured by these tools one by one according to the drawing. 

2) Testing gauge is usually used when dimensions cannot be tested by measuring tools directly. For example, it is often use to inspect dimensions of threaded holes.


Chemical Composition Analysis

Our customers always have strict chemical composition requirements of their products, because their different applications. Any omission of the chemical composition of elements can bring huge trouble to our customers. Likewise, XinLiLai takes it seriously and offers our exceptional chemical composition testing services by spectrographic instrument four times before delivery: raw material elements analysis, before and during the pouring process, and after the casting or heat treatment. The results of the elements composition tested by spectrograph will be compared to see if they are within the required range. Again, all the testing results will be filler for future trace.


Mechanical Properties Testing

Mechanical properties are vital to the performance of the products. Mechanical testing is to test mechanical properties, to make sure these properties will meet our customers’ requirements. The following are some mechanical properties testing will be done to confirm proper casting quality.

  • Hardness testing

  • Tensile testing

  • Electrical low pressure testing


NDT Testing

It is always difficult to find the surface and inner defects by naked eyes, especially when you can’t any destruction to the components. However, Non-Destructive Testing allows us to do such testings without destroying them. The common methods we mostly use in XinLiLai include magnetic particle testing and dye penetrant inspection for surface detects, X-ray inspection and ultrasonic testing for inner defects. We have a long-term cooperation with our non-destructive testing partners to produce high-quality casting components for different industrial applications.  

Of course, we can also do other NDT for investment castings. Please call us for your next casting project with such requirement.


Quality control is quite important for us to deliver high quality products. We are committed to quality casting parts and confident with our testing procedure. Please trust us and let us be one of your professional and reliable investment casting partners in China.