Founded in 1980, XinLiLai Investment Casting Co., Ltd. now has been one of the top custom investment casting manufacturers in China. We have our own casting foundry in Cangzhou, China. With two casting plants of water glass and silica sol investment casting techniques separately, we provides casting parts at an competitive price and high quality, across different industries, like Agricultural wear parts, auto parts, valves and hardware, railway castings, elevator accessories and so on. The average annual productivity can reach 6000 tons, of which 80% will be exported to America, Germany, Italy, etc. 

Facilities and Team

As a fully equipped investment-casting foundry, XinLiLai offers our customers in-house moulding, casting and machining services, through the following steps, mould designing, waxing, shell making, pouring, cutting, sand blasting, heat treatment and machining. With the equipment mentioned above, We are capable of rough and machined casting parts that varies from 0.05kg-65kg. 


To guarantee the quality you require, we also offer in-house quality testing and inspection services before delivery, by spectrographs, tensile tester, MT&UT inspections, etc.


To meet your demands, we have an experienced and professional team consisting of about 200 workers and professional engineers who are all strictly trained and highly responsible. With their help, you can get the best casting solutions as soon as possible.


We have a long-term cooperation with several international logistic carriers, to guarantee our customers a timely and safety delivery.