XinLiLai has the most advanced investment casting technology in China. There are two casting process we are now using, water glass casting and silica sol casting. We can cast almost any steel in complex shapes with a high dimensional accuracy and an excellent surface finish. Click to view more casting tolerances and dimensions. After the casting process, we do various testing and inspections to make sure the quality of the parts can meet our customers demand. Here are the steps of investment casting.

Create a mould

Mould creating is the first step of investment casting. To reach the accurate dimensions of the casting part, moulds will be precisely machined by CNC center. Therefore, tooling fees will be charge for your first order.


Produce and assemble wax patterns.

When the mould is ready, the next step is to inject wax into it to produce wax patterns. To improve the product yield rate, multiple wax patterns are attached to a wax sprue to create a pattern tree to be cast in one batch pour.

Make shells

The pattern cluster will be dipped into a slurry of fine refractory and then drained to create surface coating in this step. Repeat this process for several times until a desired thickness and strength is achieved.



Once the shell is fully cured, it will be put in hot water, so that the wax will be melt and run out of the shell. Then fire the empty shells at the temperature range of 1600-2000℉, until they are completely dry. That’s why investment casting is also known as lost wax casting.


After dewaxing, the melt steel will poured in the shell through sprue and then cool it down. It is the key of the whole casting process. For casting materials, please view steel casting.



After pouring, the ceramic shell is hammered or vibrated to release the casting. Cut individual parts from the casting tree and clean them by grinding.

Heat treatment

To achieve the mechanical properties our customer requires, heat treatment is usually done after casting. Heat treatment process includes normalizing, tempering, annealing, hardening and tempering, carburizing, ect. In addition to heat treatment, we also offer many other value added services. Click to view more value-added services.


Shot blasting / sand blasting

To achieve excellent surface finish, casting parts will be polished by shot blasting machines.

Inspections and testing

To guarantee the required quality, we do in-house quality testing and inspection services before delivery, including dimension and surface inspections, MT&UT inspections, hardness and tensile testing by relevant machines.



Before delivery, all the castings will be packed well in wooden cases. If your have other requirements, we can also customize the package service to meet your demands.