Bucket Teeth For Excavators, Loaders & Backhoes

Because of the working environment of bucket teeth, there is a high demand of wear resistance and high impact for bucket teeth to have a longer life. With our specialized investment casting process, XinLiLai Casting works for years in producing a variety of high quality bucket teeth & adapters of excavators, loaders and backhoes to our customers all over the world.


Considering their special working conditions, the metal we mostly use to bucket teeth casting is low alloy steel with some main elements like C, Si, Mn, Cr, Al, Mo, Ni, ect. to improve the wearability. Below is the chemical composition and mechanical properties of casting bucket teeth we make.


XinLiLai keeps focusing on inner quality of our products. Besides we also pay attention to the surface finish. We always use first-class painting with different colors to make them look glossy and well marked, if you have such requirements. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in casting bucket teeth from our foundry.